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Company Testimonials

"Our family had a very satisfying experience with Jeff on a building and mixed use complex. I would recommend him to anyone."

Larry B.

"I was so glad to get Jeff's letter. I had inherited a house and was in charge of selling it. It was a stressful situation because not only was I not from the area, but the other heirs in my family do not get along well. Jeff made things so easy for us and even contacted everyone separately to keep the peace. The sale went through flawlessly and I highly recommend Jeff."

Kate J.

"I've never had a realtor work harder and faster than Jeff did with excellent results. I have sold numerous properties with the national firms but have never had service and results like this before. The attention he affords his clients is amazing. Thanks again Jeff."

Steve R.

"Jeff contacted us about a home that we vacated and we sure are glad he did! We knew that we should sell but got caught up with other things and as a result the home sat there vacant for some time. We didn't have the time to care for it and it was bothering us. He came out and made us an excellent offer and we closed within 2 weeks! He did exactly what he said and we are very happy."

Cathy & Ben

"We had the great pleasure of having Jeff Kudukis handle my short sale. My wife and I had given up already on any chance of selling the house and were ready for a foreclosure. By chance Jeff contacted us and from day one he was honest and forthright. I believe Jeff to be the most knowledgeable short sale realtor in northern Illinois. I dealt with other so called "short sale" expert realtors before and believe me, they had no clue. Jeff knows what he's doing and you will be in good hands if you let him handle your short sale." Sincerely,

Phil & Cristina

"I want to thank you for the many, many hours you put in to getting my home sold!! I could not have asked for a more dedicated realtor, when it comes to selling a "short sale" home ... You really are tops in your field. If ANYONE needs a realtor, I will definitely refer them to you. Again, thanks for everything"

Terry C.

"It was wonderful working with Jeff Kudukis for my short sale needs. Before finding Mr. Kudukis I was so weary of the short sale process from all the negative stories I had heard. But from day one he changed my view and worry! Mr. Kudukis was there for me and my family every step of the way! He made me feel like his number one client as I'm sure he does with everyone not just a contract as other realtors had made me feel in the past. His tireless effort, experience and encouragement made the short sale process a success! If peace of mind in knowing your realtor is truly working for you and your best interest is what you want, then there's no one else to turn to except to Mr. Jeff Kudukis. He will get it done for you ..."

Tina A.

"Jeff, I want to thank you for the fantastic help you provided me, especially during such a difficult market over the last 5 years. Your knowledge of how banks and mortgage lenders operate and your ability to deal with them on my behalf, especially when it involved short sales and foreclosures, was outstanding. As a seller, it's easy to get wrapped up with the emotional side of things. You were professional, fair and understanding, a combination that would benefit any client."

Dennis G.

"Jeff assisted me in the short sale of an investment property in Illinois. I inherited this property from a failed partnership and was unfamiliar with the area. I live in Northern California and struggled with how to sell a property in a market that I did not know and it is located 2,000 miles from my home. Jeff was referred to me by a well known Chicago area investor. Jeff helped that gentleman short sale several homes through out the Chicago area. With this high level recommendation, I called Jeff and started the process. We originally set out to sell the property on the open market, but after many months of no buyers in the marketplace, I decided to venture into the short sale world. This was new and anxiety filled, as I had never gone this route. He handled the entire process with thoughtfulness and care. He gave me the facts of how this would come together and he was correct. It happened with no surprises. Jeff is a knowledgeable Realtor and has the people skills to be very effective in a sensitive situation. I would recommend Jeff to handle all of your real estate needs---not just the difficult."

Harry C.

"Jeff Kudukis has done an outstanding job for me working with my Short Sales & Foreclosures. I have been in the Real Estate business for over 40 years and I have never ran into a sales agent who is more organized, conscientious, experienced, and able to get the job done. He handles all facets of a short sale and does so quickly & efficiently. I have recommended him to several of my investor friends with homes that were also under water and they have had the same results & feel the same way as I do. I have moved to AZ and he has also handled some of my regular sales with the same results, quick sales & great deals on my properties. I don't think there is a better agent in the Chicagoland area. Jeff even gets high marks from my Attorney and probably his best quality is communication. I would highly recommend Jeff Kudukis to handle any phase of Real Estate."

Jeff S.

"Jeff, I just wanted to thank you again, for the great job you did for me. I was on the verge of foreclosure. In a matter of 5-6 weeks you helped me avoid it. You are great at what you do. Thanks again,"

Katherine E.

"Dear Jeff, I wanted to take a minute to write you and THANK YOU. I wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciated the service we received from you and your staff at the JMK Group. When times were tough for my family, the JMK Group was there to help us through. Your honesty, and dedication are a true asset to the mortgage business that alone in today's times are hard to find when they (other companies) fill you with hopes and dreams only to leave you hanging. You and your team of PROFESSIONALS were straight forward on how it would work out, you didn't sugar coat anything by telling us what we wanted to hear, instead you told us the truth, it all went smoothly like you said. We now have a large burden off our shoulders thanks to you and your team of professionals. You and your team are a true asset to the mortgage industry. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you for giving us peace of mind through some pretty tough times ... Sincerely"

Patrick M.

"My experience with Jeff was straightforward and very rewarding. His company took care of all of my needs in a stressful situation and provided all the necessary information I needed to sell my house in a timely and easy manner. I even had a question over a year after my sale was complete and he remembered me and helped me obtain the information I needed to satisfy my needs as quickly as possible. I would be happy to recommend Jeff Kudukis and his team for any specialty housing situation and sale. Thanks so much Jeff!"

Jeri C.

"Thank you for everything you did for us on our short sale! You were a man of your word and we really appreciated your transparent communication throughout the process. I will be sure to keep your name at the ready in case I should come across someone in need of your assistance. Thanks"


“Just a note to thank you for the smooth sale of my home. As you are aware, I had a couple of bad experiences before I called you. It was a pleasure to deal with someone who really knows how these deals should be handled and, in addition, when he says, “My word is my bond”, really means it. Thanks again.”

Fran J.

“Thanks for coming along when you did. You took a very big load off my mind.”

Ellen R.

“I was very pleased with the service. I could have been taken advantage of considering my situation, but everything worked out fine.”

Mike R.